Patio Lights and Deck Lighting throughout Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota & West Palm Beach, FL from Vision Landscape Lighting.

Vision Landscape Lighting has been providing patio lights and deck lighting solutions to people in parts of south Florida since 2003, and we are proud of the transformations that we have facilitated. Our service areas includes Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach, and we have built a solid reputation in these communities over the years. If you would like to upgrade the quality of your life and the value of your property with patio lights and/or deck lighting, we are here to help.


You are not offered too many investment opportunities that provide immediate yields on multiple different levels. However, if you work with us to design and install patio lights or deck lighting, you will in fact realize a net gain on your investment immediately. Experts estimate a 50 percent yield on an investment in the appropriate outdoor lighting solution as the property value immediately increases. Plus, you are not just looking at numbers on paper. You are experiencing a beautiful, uplifting environment when you turn on your patio lights or deck lighting.


Maximize the Florida Experience


People who live in Florida have the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor environment all year around, so  your patio or deck is going to be a space that can be optimized for your day-to-day use. There is nothing more peaceful than a bit of time spent on a comortable patio with a loved one by your side as the sounds of nature fill the air around you. With the right patio lights in place to provide a moonlit aura, this experience can be truly sublime.


We use various different landscape lighting design techniques to create the atmosphere that you are looking for when we install patio lights or deck lighting. Downlighting from structures can be appropriate under some circumstances. Uplighting can highlight certain objects, and we can create silhouette and shadowing effects. To see some examples of the patio and deck lighting work that we have done for people in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and southwest Florida, you can visit our online gallery.


The aesthetic benefits of patio lights and deck lighting are clearly evident for all to see. At the same time, when you have the appropriate level of illumination, family members can get around in the dark safely. Plus, the lighting solutions can be a crime deterrent, and this is another major benefit.


Let's Get Started!


If you are interested in patio lights or deck lighting to beautify and secure your home, call us right now  at  239-273-1802.

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